Working with text in Fusion 360 can sometimes be frustrating. The text can come out reversed, upside down, or backwards and sometimes all three. The onscreen widget that pops up when creating a sketch can work to rotate the sketch if it's upside down but does nothing to fix it if it's backwards. I'm sure Fusion 360 will eventually come up with an update to fix this but in the meantime here is a workaround.

In the example above I created a new sketch on the ZX plane and chose Sketch - Text from the tool menu. I clicked on the screen and started typing the word "TEXT". As you can see above the text came out upside down and backwards.

You can rotate the onscreen widget to make the sketch right side up but it is still backwards.

Here is the workaround. Use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle of any size and extrude the rectangle. Thickness doesn't matter, we just need a solid body.

Next choose Create Sketch and select the surface of the rectangle as your sketching plane. This should be the same plane as the ZX plane. The only difference is that we're referencing the surface of the extruded rectangle instead of the ZX plane.

Now you can simply choose Sketch - Text and your sketch will come out in the correct orientation.

Watch the video below for step by step video instruction of this process.