Design Challenge Pack 1

The perfect sequel to the Quick Start Course!

In this Challenge Pack, I’ll give you 5 designs and your mission is to recreate them.

Having completed the Quick Start Course, you have already learned all the required skills to complete each challenge.

But I don’t leave you hanging. If you get stuck or are not sure about the design approach you took, simply watch my step by step solutions video for each challenge to see my approach.

The models have been carefully chosen to only require the tools and techniques you learned in the Quick Start Course.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning 3D Design is like learning any new skill. You’ll need to practice these techniques and use these tools over and over again before they begin to click. 

You are physically building new neural pathways in your brain and these pathways only get built and strengthened through repetition. Think of these exercises as a gym for your mind and I’ll be your physical trainer who will be putting together a routine that meets you exactly where you are in your design journey.

Let’s see how much you learned! 

Put into practice what we covered such as knowing when and how to use your three boolean operations (join, cut, intersect), when to use your pattern tools, the spline tool for creating curvy and organic shapes, when to use the revolve tool, and much more!

Meet Your Instructor

Vladimir has taught thousands of students how to create their own 3D models in Fusion 360 through his popular online courses. He also teaches the same material at the college level.  

As a passionate maker, Vladimir currently runs two makerspaces - a community makerspace that he co-founded, and a college makerspace where he teaches students how to design with Fusion 360 and how to turn those designs into real objects through 3D printing, laser cutting, and cnc milling.

His work has been featured by Adafruit, Thingiverse, Hackaday, Makezine, Instructables, Shapeways, and Autodesk.

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